Kennedy Center

The American Tour 2007

Imagination  Celebration

Edgewood Prod.

Encore Attractions

National Tour 2004-2005

Porchworthy Prod.

Musical Tour 2009

Dollars v. Sense

College Tour 2010

Christmas from Dublin

Tour 2005-2006

National Tours 2006-2010

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Moscow Ballet

International Tour 2011

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Moscow Ballet

International Tour 2012

National Tour 2013

50 Shades Parody

Irving Street Prod.

Regional Tour 2001-2004

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College Tour 2014

Brierpatch Prod.

College Tour 2015

Spirit In Motion


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Cindy Shumsey designed her first Regional tour with the McDonald’s Gospelfest (2001-2004). She designed her first National tour with Stand By Your Man, The Tammy Wynette Story (2004-2005).

She has been touring ever since.

Cindy was the lighting designer for Alice’s Adventures in

Wonderland (2015),

Romeo and Juliet (2012),

Great Russian Nutcracker (2011) The Three Irish Tenors (2006-2010)

NY Perks (2010)

as well as Druid (2007) 

Cindy was the lighting director for Spank! (2013) and Alexander who’s Not Going to Move (2005-2006)

She was the master electrician for the Magic Treehouse (2009)

She was the tour manager for the Truth Values (2014)

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Cindy with The Three Irish Tenors